ESSC as a service oriented organization.

The choice of a service oriented organization and the right service concept are of vital importance to guarantee your investment, the security level and the continuity of your business processes.

ESSC has the organization, the people, the attitude, the knowledge and the tools to provide you this guarantee.

Elevate the security level & decrease the cost.

TCO-Service concept

This unique approach enables you to save considerably on guarding costs and other expensive services.

Using your system more efficiently


1This module contains different applications in preventive actions or alarm handling.

Pro-active monitoring.

Immidiately checkup or automatic

Immidiately checkup of your toal system and sub components.

May 12, 2016

Remote Services

Your security system connected to our 24/24 7/7 service/helpdesk.

Quality in time and on time!

Repair en maintenance

They are the corner stones of an efficient service approach. They have to be executed in a quality way: technical problems have to be solved quickly with a strict follow-up.

Health of your security level

Service Dashboard

For yearly, quarterly or even monthly review of your system, performance of the partner but also for the users of the system.

Quality Of Service in Security

Security Level QoS

Keep security level high with daily or weekly, monthly basis checkup.

Camera law local & GDPR, Privacy.

Camera legal Guidance

Our service module “CCTV Guideline Service” helps you in the camera legislation tasks.

SLA - Service Level Agreement

VIP Treatment in Service

We offer you a clearly formulated service level agreement in which we adapt our service approach to your specific needs.