Our partners

  • Our products will be purchased with our MIS (Most Important Suppliers) partners. These are all A-branded names to reduce the risks on technical inconsistencies and to guarantee the necessary support
  • Also financial standing and their business continuity is very important to keep guaranteeing our services on the longer term and is valuable to our customers
  • ESSC will offer from day one, high quality products to develop and implement the right security solution


Partnerships with A-branded suppliers and system developers:

  • AXIS
  • Milestone
  • Vanderbilt
  • UTC-GE
  • Honeywell HIS (Prowatch)
  • Paxton
  • Azlan - IT hardware
  • HP - Cisco
  • AgentVi
  • Mobotix - Sony - Panasonic

As a security company ESSC brings balance between

  • Coverage of risks
  • Audit, security plan, …
  • Determination of “Need to have” & “Nice to have”
  • Future proof scalability
  • Cost of ownership
  • Budgets (Capex & Operational)


By exploiting

  • Optimal use of available possibilities within the system/product (e.g. Built-in intelligence)
  • Integrated solutions (1 GUI)
  • Combination of available IP networks/connections
  • Choice of flexible, modular and scalable systems
  • Spread of budgets (operations <-> security)

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