System integration:

It is of course possible to link the four previous types of systems. This will make your total security system more user-friendly and more efficient.

Camera surveillance:

Camera surveillance is an important element of a complete modern security solution. You can watch camera images online and easily recall recorded images. ESSC can offer you a professional range of camera surveillance systems, from simple to extremely complex

Burglary detection:

A burglary detection system consists of a central unit, detection points, a keypad or card reader and a siren. Opting for a connection to an alarm central, means opting for the possibility to catch a burglar red-handed and prevent further damages

Access Control:

Access control systems allows you to determine who enters you premises, building or room and when. Unwanted visitors are simply denied access. The user-friendly software helps you to manage the complete system which makes for instance reporting a lot easier.

Fire & Gas detection:

Fire detection system allows you to detect fire in its early stages and to initiate action immediately. The alarm central can notify the emergency services before it is too late.

ESSC solution:

Service-orientation: Only products that can offer an additional value at service level, are considered by ESSC (MTBF, connectivity, ...). We have to make sure that we can continue to live up to your expectations!

Latest technologies: IESSC only works with products based on the latest technologies. This also means that we keep in close contact with the manufacturers and that our employees receive training on regular bases. Security, reliability and functionality are our assets.

IT oriented: ESSC selects products that make maximum use of the current IT possibilities. This enables us to offer you a user-friendly, flexible and service-oriented solution..

Price / Quality: ESSC strives to maintain a good balance between price and quality: a fair market price combined to an excellent quality is what you may expect from us.

Reliable manufacturers: Each manufacturer is subject to a thorough examination: company stability, experience, market share, reliability, service level, ... are important criteria when selecting our manufacturers.

Solution capability: Products are but the building blocks of a total solution so they should fit the puzzle perfectly.

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