Solutions "General"

Our solutions are adapted to the specific demands and standards valid in certain sectors or segments.

This allows ESSC – thanks to its extensive know-how and specialization – to offer you the perfect solution!

Clear focus & Specialization.

retail shopping centers

Industry is a diverse segment because it contains both small enterprises and immensely complex industrial surroundings. It is therefore obvious that the security for an office building or a production site need to be handled quite differently.

This segment mainly contains transportation and harbor companies. Security in this segment needs to comply with very specific standards such as TAPA, ISPS, ...

Retail, where the sale of goods or services is at the center of business, demands a specialized approach. ESSC takes various factors into account such as personnel rotation, multi-site solutions, simple system management, ...

ESSC solution:

Analysis: First of all ESSC analyzes your needs taking into account the surroundings, the critical factors, your activities and the security strategy to be followed.

Organization: It is imperative that your employees are able to handle the system perfectly, so we proceed to list up the different users of the system.

Products: Then we decide which products and services we will select to develop the most suitable solution .

Project Managament: We make you an offer in which we also pay attention to the implementation time line, the planning, the advantages of an efficient project management and the critical factors.

Time Line: We plan a kick-off meeting, a start work meeting, and take care of the follow-up, the completion and the putting into service.

Technical file: For each project we draw up an as build file, an important instrument in the further follow-up and technical management of the system.

Service concept: In order to guarantee the continuity, ESSC provides a well-balanced service concept tailored to your system and formulated in an SLA including information about the reporting, the dashboard, the evaluation, KPI’s, ...

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