Logistics solutions


Clear Focus & Specialization In PHYSICAL SECURITY

Camera - Access - Intrusion - Fire - Integration

Logistics solution


ESSC offers solutions of different product categories and system integration for Supply Chain, Parcels & Freight & Warehouse storage

  • TAPA A, B or C compliant - ESSC as company with 2 representatives is member of TAPA - "Transported Asset Protection Association Europe"
  • ISPS Compliant



- Special tools for logistics companies.


Add-on tools security

  • Automatic TAPA Camera report
  • Parcel & Pallet Tracking System
  • Yard Management
  • Smart analytics for unbiased inspection
  • Video Analytics
  • LPR registration or by Access Control
  • Reception drivers translation display
  • Mobile management drivers phones congue
  • Drivers information perimeter display
  • Visitor information perimeter display

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