About Us
  • The ESSC team consists of a group of specialists, driven individuals with a strong passion for security and service.
  • Our people have the necessary technical experience and communicative skills. They excel in follow-up and feel a strong need for constant training to make sure that they remain able to guarantee you the level of the offered solution.
  • ESSC supports you all the way. Flexibility and accessibility are 2 important advantages we have to offer.

Toon Eeckelaert

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1982-1990 Monitor – IMS :

Technician, Project Management, Product Manager,

Sales Manager

1990-1998Prosecco nv:

Administrator & Technical Director

1998-2002 Prosecco Electronic Security nv:

Delegated Administrator

2002-2003 Prosecco Alert Systems:

Business Unit Manager North Industry & Delegated

Administrator 2004-2009 Securitas Systems: CEO & Delegated

Administrator (name change to Niscayah NV in 2008)

2004-2009 Securitas Systems: CEO

(later name change into Niscayah NV, Stanley)

Tom Vandevelde

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Oct. 1992 – March 1998 BERTSCHI-DITTES Spedition

Antwerp (Transport) - Dispatcher (planning/sales)

April 1998 – Jan 2001 DE RIJKE NV – Antwerpen

(Storage and transshipment / Logistics)

Logistic Coordinator (planning/sales)

Jan 2001 – Aug 2004 A.D.E.S. (Security) NV - Brasschaat

Sales / project planning / purchase

Sept 2004 – 2010 SECURITAS SYSTEMS, later NISCAYAH NV ty)

Sales Engineer Area North

Branch Manager Ports & Logistics (Jan. 05)

Business Unit Manager Ports & Logistics (Sept. 06)

Business Unit Manager Industry (Sept. 07)

Key Account Manager (Dec. 09 - July 10)

Mission: ESSC provides security solutions with an extensive service tailored to your needs that is the best within the security sector.

Deontological code: The information provided by our customers in order to develop a security solution is always handled with the strictest confidentiality.

Our quality: To ESSC quality is of the highest importance so we continually measure the quality we deliver.

We have evaluation meetings with our customers at regular bases in order to keep steering and improving our processes. That is why we feel it is important to be very close to our customers.

Result driven concepts: Based on a thorough study and analysis, we make sure that our concept is aimed at the fulfillment of a clear expectation and complies with all your demands.

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